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eMail Marketing

Cultivate a long-term and durable relationship with customers. Manage that relationship professionally and turn your email database into a corporate goldmine.

There is a perception or sense that email is "old" internet technology.  Old or not, contemporary field research shows that it can yield an astounding 40 to 1 ROI!

A business definitely wants to ensure that its emails are reaching the company's target market. That it is not being systematically trashed, or worse still, rejected as, or routed to, spam.

Competent list management - (we help you do that) - and permissioning require thoughtful web design, as well as experience and knowledge of email marketing. Our platform equips businesses of any size with industrial-strength campaign management tools.

And this pays off big-time! You always run your campaigns in compliance with laws governing digital and continuously improve the targetting of your email promos, newsletters, sales pitches, product announcements etc. Similar services we just described would cost thousands per year elsewhere!

But the plain deal does not end there! - thedotpeople's professionally designed email
templates use the latest research in psychoadvertising. All that's left is for you to write your own copy for insertion into that template. 

Included in your modest annual fee, is one million - that's 1 and 6 zeros.  1,000,000 email messages with no restrictions on recipient numbers or originating domains. If you have clients that use or need email capacity, you can resell the service to them.

Here's a quick price comparison and analysis to help your decision. Let's assume you used no other tools   in our platform.  Just the email campaigns which we supply. 

The cost per email is about 16¢ per 1000 emails sent!  The rest of our tools are the FREE!

Make some comparisons. Then ......

.... purchase the web's most cost-effective eMarketing Platform...

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eMarketing Platform

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