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Our system has successfully been provisioning individuals and organizations with web services for over a decade. This places us in a unique position. Under our SaaS model you receive a resource-rich service infrastructure. You can access and manage it from anywhere.

At a price no competitor matches. We make this claim with confidence. We encourage comparison shopping at all stages in your decision process. We repackage and offer a toolbox of essential services to web businesses. With our web-marketing and online operations platform, your savings that are several times your costs!

The range of marketing services built into our platform, covers the necessary spectrum in web services. We know what constitutes the essential infrastructure for online business success. And we deliver it!

We recognize that your business concept and your energy must be focused on your business. We have no desire to distract you from this focus. For your own business we offer an unbeatable price for the web's most reliable and comprehensive solution for web-centric business models.

Accept our offer -  select the most dependable business backbone at a fraction of your cost elsewhere.

Confident of the payoff our partners realize we draw your attention to another profitable opportunity.

Become a reseller of the same set of services you are buying from us - all available to you at no extra cost!

We  make this offer to all our clients. If it interests you, please read about it here.  Although we make this we are sensitive that you must remain focused on your main purpose . To build your own business online! Full disclosure requires us to inform all buyers of the full functionality of our platform.

All customers have access to all its capabilities while managing their own businesses. These capabilities are intended as part of the robust functionality built-in to the infrastructure we provision. Use it for your success, your way. As the saying goes, - "Success Breeds Success" - and your success becomes ours.

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TO PROMOTE JUST YOUR OWN BUSINESS - be sure to select BASIC on Checkout. A Basic storefront is provisioned to introduce you to the reseller option

eMarketing Platform

TO BE A PROFESSIONAL RESELLER of thedotpeople.com Inc., AND PROMOTE YOUR OWN BUSINESS, please select - PRO RESELLER (Note: Selected by default at our secure sales page)

eMarketing Platform PLUS Pro Reseller

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