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Domain Ownership

Before registering a web address it's best to find out what's available.  If you are like us your want your market research on the internet to be secure and available only to you.

Certainly we don't want a potential supplier scooping us!  Rumors of this happening have been raised by others.  The possibility for such unethical practices must be acknowledged even if their existence isn't proven.

Their is nothing as frustrating as this.  -  To close a session at a domain selling site only to discover the domain name that was available in your last session is now registered.

Domain Name Research 

We recommend non-commercial, authoritative tools that don't threaten keep your domain name research.  Until you are comfortable with practices at at your favorite domain name supplier, consider using the INTERNIC site. 

This is about as neutral and reliable as it gets! It's publicly available information on domains, registrars, and registrants. All by the entity that manages policy for the internet domain registry system.

It is operated by, ICANN - the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

Registration Solutions

Once you've decided which domain name you are going to register for your business we recommend our own store for Registration Solutions.  

At RegistrationSolutions you'll find the Internet's lowest prices.  

And managing your DNS service is a breeze with our well organized Domain Manager.

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