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Internet-based Services

Thedotpeople supply a professional mix of internet-based services. These have evolved since we started serving a private clientele in 2000. 

In recent years we took stock of the expertise we had acquired.  -  A record of provisioning services guided by a "best-practices" web-marketing philosophy.

Serving a demanding clientele had equipped us with a suite of highly merchantable services.   Each service in our platform empowers users to deploy only best-of-breed software.


On a  SaaS basis  campaigns are  managed, and rich performance metrics fed back.  This dramatically improves management control of performance. -  Right down to the level of the individual product or responsible sales rep.

Integrated Dashboard

several critical tools are integrated as a single-source solution. One graphic user interface and management dashboard.  One Control Panel to manage multiple marketing tools. 

This steady development is reflected in the high-reliability with which we provision customers' online operations.
  • Rely on our customer-centered corporate culture.
  • Operations flexible - benefit from a web-based infrastructure.
  • Integrated software solution cuts billable hours, boosts efficiency.
  • Business runs on best-of-breed software - systems always state-of-the-art!
Technically Advanced Platform

We are partnered with the Internet's largest, most innovative, and client -friendly service provider. Our technically advanced platform and corporate culture
  • amalgamates their product refinement and our customer-driven experience
  • our services are backed by partners who have serviced more than 10 million end-users
Best-of-Breed Service

You are an important part of this best-of-breed service nexus.  You realize the benefits in your own business.  

Build your success on a foundation of always up-to-date web services - provisioned by thedotpeople.

Reseller Option

Once familiar with our products' in your own business success, using our Reseller Option, a white-label solution, you will
  • profit from assisting other web entrepreneurs
  • supply your own brand and mix of web services
  • develop your own corporate identity and promote your own brand to end-users.
As our sales partner 
  • YOU resell our services
  • YOU maintain your own customer list.  We make it as easy as that
  • YOU  offer YOUR line of web services
  • WE provision all the customer-interfaces you require
  • WE do the LIVE CLIENT SERVICING,  365-24-7 !
  • TOGETHER we make a business success.

Becoming our customer automatically positions you to be
our sales partner.  
  • At your option
  • At a time you choose
  • At the internet's most competitive price
  • At no extra cost!

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