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Much is written about, and discussion focuses on  Search Engine Optimization (SEO).   Stated simply consistent and competent optimization of a website is what keeps your business competitive in the fight for a share of virtual markets.

To take a bite out of the of the online sales apple relevant to your market segment or niche, your message must get your site onto Page 1,preferably  above the fold.  

SEO Tools

See our Platform Doing SEO Work This requires continuous cultivation of your customer base through a living web presence. For this to be true your site must reflect the business influences to which you are reacting and project the changes you are driving in the marketplace. This can be done with a site that never left to languish.   Its vivacity is tracked by the Search Engines.   As they notice it is beginning to lose  its currency and relevance, they allow it to slip into oblivion on pages in the SERPs where buyers never go!

Aim for Page 1 and keep your site there with best-practices SEO. 

SEO Resources

                   Our SEO resources will ensure you become an SEO pro. Try them here!

Others are paying to get there - and often at rates per impression that as tonish those unfamiliar with Internet advertising rates.  A position on Page 1 means that you have earned your place on the basis of competent site building.

Provide a solution.

Those who haven't optimized their page so that seekers will find then naturally , or organically, must buy their way onto page !. Not a bad strategy if you've got the budget, and many successful online businesses em[ploy a mix of both paid and unpaid.

Our SEO tools put you in the marketing master's chair. Each account owner is equipped with all the optimization tools required to carve out a Page 1 Rank for your website on Google and other major search engines. 

Be Search Engines Friendly

You chose a site from those hosted in your account.  Typically this is the same domain you've chosen for your primary website.  As you can host many sites in your account, just specify which one will benefit from the SEO services we provide.  

Note: You can purchase additional licenses and optimize multiple websites - for yourself or clients if you provide web services. Our platform encourages best-practices by stepping you through the essential stages. 

There's help out there to  ensure you please the search engines . This young millionaire Click Here! became an overnight sensation in 2013 with his system.

       In 2014 it's still best of breed!

Relevant Keyword Search

Start by identifying Keywords describing each page's main message.

Next tweak these keywords to reflect the content and when necessary craft relevant copy to embed hooks, i.e. high-impact keywords in your pages' content. Too obvious and too easy to overlook, careful writing of all your title, keyword and descriptor meta tags are prominent in our platform step-through.

You are guided through a professional checklist to maximize your site's Visibility and Friendliness to Search Engines. Each page's meta tags are addressed. In aggregate, the impact of this methodology is material.  

Leveraged in this manner we "assist" the SE spiders to navigate your site effortlessly. In the process  they index your site's pages and report positively to "central command" on your site's relevance, the semantic logic of its page structure, and the currency of its content, etc.

You are also prompted to include or exclude specific content that the spiders will crawl as they index your site. Those that don't change are often better excluded as they will diminish your site's ranking though time unless refreshed content is posted.  

Some items are too important to be excluded - Privacy Policy, Legal Disclaimers, Address, and similar boilerplate that is elemental for commercial websites. 
From the SEO control panel easily generate a sitemap to reflect its current architecture. This too improves the crawlability of your site.

Sitemap Auto-generated

The absence of an up-to-date sitemap detracts from high search engine placement. Monitor your site's progress in the rankings and track the execution of your SEO efforts.

Proactively and continuously identify where structural and textual improvements are possible.  This is a routine that never ends, even for the most dominant of websites. 

Power Professional SEO

SEO PowerSuite

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Search Engine Visibility is the SEO tool that improves your site’s search engine ranking. 

By optimising your page keywords and metatags this tool means your web pages are found first by all major search engines. 

Your pages will be processed so  your website becomes optimally  “friendly” for search engines. 

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Start using Search Engine Visibility to get found when buyers look for your services and products. 

Easy-to-use, our SEO tools tell you which keywords to include in your pages.  It even diagnoses over and under-utilised words for befriending the search engines. 

   And more SEO diagnostics too.

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