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Our business is to to enable other online businesses to flourish.  

We make our living by provisioning those businesses.  The functions we supply serve a diverse global client base.

White Label eMarketing Services
Operating under their own brand our platform is empowering web entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and make profits on-line. Their success creates more demand for our services.  

Like any successful business we continuously expand our distribution of web marketing services.  

We also recruit re-sellers from among our customers.

Customers already know our suite of marketing services to be higly effective and unbelievably in expensive.

Web Marketing Service

After their own business' success these customers look to partner with us.  

Employing thedotpeople "reseller" tools, they launch a second on-line business.  They offer other entrepreneurs to repeat their own success.

For minimal extra effort they offer the same services to other online business start-ups.
After all these new customers face the same online marketing challenges they did when first using our platform.

Your success is our success. 

Our comprehensive e-marketing tool-box is an all-encompassing online marketing solution.

It has stood the test of time and served millions of deployments.

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TO PROMOTE JUST YOUR OWN BUSINESS - be sure to select BASIC on Checkout. A Basic storefront is provisioned to introduce you to the reseller option

eMarketing Platform

TO BE A PROFESSIONAL RESELLER of thedotpeople.com Inc., AND PROMOTE YOUR OWN BUSINESS, please select - PRO RESELLER (Note: Selected by default at our secure sales page)

eMarketing Platform PLUS Pro Reseller

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