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Launch campaigns to promote discounts of up to 25% on first time buys. Offer irresistible options in advance of renewal dates! Demonstrate the entrepreneurial drive behind the program you offer.  

Keep it front and center for your customers too!   PROMO CODES can be publicised on your site, in emails, or through social media. Alternatively share codes with designated customers.

Grant access to promo codes for pre-sells who
  • signing up for newsletters
  • permissioning email and
  • sweet-tweeting your site.
This technique builds your market base and encourages responsible customer acquisition. The leads you process on-site such are of exceptionally high quality.
  • This way well qualified leads are generated.
  • Those leads are drawn closer to the buying decision.
  • Online purchasing tension is reduced - you've put them in control of the next step - the buy decision.
  • They enter the members-only section of your sales site, get the code and apply the discount at checkout.
  Experience shows that conversions escalate during designated promo periods when all the tools we provide are implemented in sync.
  • Facilitate responsible pre-selling by your reseller network.
  • This tactical component of your marketing platform breeds sales professionalism.
  • Discount shoppers and comparison-sites can't auto-access your promotions .
  • Preserve the high-calibre of buyer-traffic with skilful online promos and merchandising.
  • All online purchase orders come from top quality pre-solds.

Run your Source Code Marketing Report and zero-in on the success of each of your offers. No guesswork. You know exactly the promotions that are generating revenue for you! Promotions are tracked, results measured, via a Source Code Reporting Tool in your Control Center. Set up your List of Marketing Source Codes in minutes.

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