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Plain Dealing

As far back as 1828 Webster's defined Plain Dealing as "dealing or communicating with frankness and sincerity; honest; open; speaking and acting without art; as a plain-dealing man". 

This concept has stood the test of time. We want our customers and anyone with whom we conduct business to view us as plain dealers. 

Plain dealing is a two-way affair.  We enjoy being members of this fast growing industry and the success it brings.

As a client of others we want to be satisfied with our procurement.  We want customers to be equally satisfied and successful.

That's why we offer a 30-day return policy - no questions asked.   This policy applies to each and every customer of thedotpeople.com Inc.  If you also take-up the Reseller Option then you can extend the same "30-day-no-questions-asked return policy" to your own customers.  

This applies to them as much as it does to you. Even if they're only using our platform to provision their own online business with our best-of-breed web marketing services.  If they are buying our services through you, they'll be doing so at a price that no one can beat!  

Like you, they get top services without paying top dollar!  They may just want to drastically reduce their hard and soft infrastructure costs - like you do!

Plain Dealing is extended to your customers when you decide to distribute our products.   For little extra effort this adds to , and in most cases complements the revenue stream from your own online business.

Speaking plainly, we take pride in the quality and comprehensiveness of the marketing services we deliver. You can do the same for your customers and yourself.

Start provisioning these web services to realize your business' full revenue potential.

Deploy our suite of services - hosting, email, marketing, virtual office, trust building, confidence creating security, search engine optimization, robust eCommerce and training and self-study resources.  

Every tool essential for a successful web business.

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