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PayPer Click Advertising

The page that displays the result of a search initiated by a web user is prime internet real estate. Advertisers arrange to have their ads displayed when the search engine is serving results in response to specific keywords. 

The advertiser pays if a user clicks on their advertisement which is displayed at the top or on the right sidebar on the results page(SERP)

On the same SERP
two types of ads are being served. Some for free, which are the organic results. The others, paid ads, are placed there by the search engine. 

The owners of those ads pay the search engine for displaying their ad copy. There are several mechanisms used to trigger the payment.

The most common is the PPC (Pay Per Click) model in which the advertiser pays the search engine an agreed amount if the ad generates a click-through. By clicking on the ad the web user is delivered to the advertiser's landing page and presumably the prospects of making a sale to that specific customer are increased.

To get you started with PPC campaigns promoting your own products or services we provision your account with Google AdWords® credits. Use them to get used to running your own paid advertising campaigns. Your ads will be served up as a potential solution when a search for a keyword you specify is made on Google and its network of sites .

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