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To start selling online you have to decide how much hosting you need.  -   Not always easy when your website is not even built yet!  We make that easy - we oversupply you with what you need.  Problem solved! 

Let's assume
a typical small business website. You want to tell visitors what you offer.
  • So it should be text-rich, with keywords that attract Search Engines.
  • You aim for the free advertising of a Google Page 1 Ranking.
  • A 500 page site, with 1200 words per page and maybe 2 or 3 static graphical elements on the same page.
  • It will require only 10 MB - yes - a mere ten megabytes! - This is like writing a full length text or novel - if you're producing original content.
We provide 150 GB s - sufficient to host between 60 and 150 sites for a typical small-business customer!  This is mega-storage.  More than competitors can provide.  Most small business sites have less than 50 pages - this is about 1 MB.  

  •  25 hosted databases
  • choose a preferred Content Management System. 
  • Run 25 websites for less than the the price of one! 
In your business play safe and allow for
  • a brief demo video
  • a very large database of 245MB
  • if it's an audio-heavy site you allow between 250 MB and 1GB.
This means that space for hosting a typical customer's website is exceeded many times over by our package.
  • a fat 150 GB of website space,
  • a wide pipe delivering 1,500 GB of bandwidth,
  • covered by a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
Your platform allows you to host and manage hundreds of domains.  Operate each as a separate business.  Use our hosting to setup multiple sites.  Each will generate an income that can grow into a career in online business.


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