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Customer-focused online businesses merchandise with headline-pricing and seasonally-adapted selling practices. Lift sales and stimulate customer interest through product promotions!  

Built-in Source Coding permits you to flex your standard pricing. Take advantage of merchandising moments for brand enhancement and product placement!

Sync with our marketing tools to optimize each of your sites.   Our platform permits optimized:

Merchandising as a reseller

  • Use our eMail Marketing and Social Media tools to get the word out. Run merchandising campaigns through these tools to garner new business and upsell already interested customers.
  • Combine targeted discounts with your platform's SEO content and PPC management tools.
  • Stimulate renewed interest as new products and services are introduced to our product lines.
  • These commercial features put you in command of tactical decisions. Crafted communications of targeted pricing and features to demographics responsive to your message.
  • Conveniently and reliably revealed by tools  we include for real-time market analysis.
  • Instant activation insures "first-to-market" best practices. Seize on niche opportunities revealed by Web Analytics and Reporting tools!
  • The lessons of your frequent campaigns are driven home. They buy your offers to imbue their selling tactics with the same dynamism!
  • Constant contact with your site teaches.  Existing customers implement your offers to preserve their competitive advantage.

  Consistently fresh promotional media and well merchandised site content keeps you in the market's eye.  This activity generates valuable mentions in social media. With your own active and creative merchandising, turn new clients into your own resellers. 

Merchandising best practices

  • Opt-in to our market driven promotions.
  • We continually reposition promotions and offers available to resellers, guided by our own system-wide reporting tools. Take the lead from us. Refresh your promotional codes. Remain a market leader. Always ahead of the competition.
  • Realized with the box of tools and pre-built reseller site we provision the instant you sign up.
  •  While building your own business, share in the ongoing success of ours! 
  • Demonstrate your exceptional value-proposition. Delivering two business opportunities.
  • The first a professional suite of web marketing services to build their own businesses. 
  • The other a turn-key business to resell the same services.
  • Customers will be eager to duplicate your offers, constantly updated and market-driven.[/learn_more]

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