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Internet Address

Web Address

Your web address is important. It should contain one or more keywords that are prominent in Google search results.

This relates more to the organic search engine results. But when a search returns ads from competitors that's also an indicator of the keywords they judge to be valuable. 

Keyword Domain

This means identifying the keywords being searched when your  main competitors appear on page one of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).  This can be a challenge for beginners.

Fortunately, tools abound that can equip us with both metrics and analysis. There are paid and free services. They identify relevant keywords to consider in choosing your domain name.

Paid SEO 

For those with more financial and trained resources, and maybe less time, there are paid tools. These are more and more available on a Software-as-a-Service basis.

Continuous use, trained personnel and investments of staff time  justify the monthly expenditures on these powerful platforms.  Monthly minimum fees do vary but either way can be relatively expensive for small businesses.

Search Engine Visibility

Small businesses don't generally employ personnel already trained in the use of such tools. The time to master them can distract from other critical tasks - even where they can be obtained less expensively. 

As quick-access resources there are several useful free tools. Of high quality, there is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and others, such as Wordtream's Free Keyword Suite and the Free Keyword Tool from KeywordCountry.

For these reasons and at undeniably low cost to you, we incorporate keyword optimization tools in the toolbox you get with our comprehensive web marketing platform.

Or explore from your own account on our server now.

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