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Instant eCommerce

Our platform includes a choice of eCommerce software. Select from
  • two open source solutions (free), 
  • two solutions for Windows servers, and 
  • our easily integrated Deluxe Shopping Cart. 
Designed to work with your free WebSite Tonight CMS, our cart integrates PayPal, eBay, and Google effortlessly. Your account already includes an SSL certificate, so processing credit card transactions is a snap and incurs no extra cost.

Customizable tools, a shopping cart, and the ability to accept payments.  
  • No need to surrender a percentage of your sales in transaction fees.  
  • Link to popular accounting programs like QuickBooks for bookkeeping. 
  • Our Deluxe shopping Cart accomodates 100 products, including digital goods. 
  • For larger shops an upgrade to the unlimited Premium cart is a point 'n click away.
Instantly deployed and simple to use you can even use datafeeds.  Popular merchants will auto-populate your web store via their datafeeds, - and turn on your revenue tap! 

The evidence from academia and industry confirms a growing contribution by e-marketing to the corporate bottom-line. Emerging models of product delivery are reshaping business relationships.  Rely on thedotpeople platform to:
  • address these new commercial interfaces in consumer markets, 
  • draw in new customers
  • streamline sales and business processes
  • raise your business' profile in new, fast-emerging market niches.
These e-commerce solutions are tried and true; best-of-breed solutions that complement powerful web marketing tools.  Together they empower you to:
  • build your customer relationships, 
  • consolidate your online brand, and 
  • grow your sales. 
Deploy an integrated eMarketing strategy on a foundation you can rely on. Place our reliable e-Commerce solution at the center of your business development plan.

Watch it execute!

NOTE: If you deploy the OPTIONAL reseller instant BUSINESS, you get another customizable Web site.  This is your click and launch web site for reselling the same spectrum of  web services you bought from us. It's live the instant you sign up. Just enter your business name and prices! Customer support and billing is handled by thedotpeople.com Inc., your new sales and customer service departments. 

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TO BE A PROFESSIONAL RESELLER of thedotpeople.com Inc., AND PROMOTE YOUR OWN BUSINESS, please select - PRO RESELLER (Note: Selected by default at our secure sales page)

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