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Most of our customers add the resale of our products and services as a separate revenue center. 

We certainly want to welcome you to that group.  If you are ready to do so now, here are a few useful tips and pointers.

First, when you purchased your web services package, we automatically pre-built your web-services store . 

You can launch it as soon as you wish. 
We've made that an effortless task.  Simply select one from 100's of professionally designed templates.

Our website builder will instantly match your preferred design to your store front. It will project a consistent and business-like presence for your new "reseller of web-services" store

Second, you probably will decide to set up this other business interest, under its own name its own web brand. 

To give it a separate web presence, use your own reseller account to purchase the domain.

In effect you will be your first customer - and  give your self a promo price!

Interested in purchasing the eMarketing Platform...

TO PROMOTE JUST YOUR OWN BUSINESS - be sure to select BASIC on Checkout. A Basic storefront is provisioned to introduce you to the reseller option

eMarketing Platform

TO BE A PROFESSIONAL RESELLER of thedotpeople.com Inc., AND PROMOTE YOUR OWN BUSINESS, please select - PRO RESELLER (Note: Selected by default at our secure sales page)

eMarketing Platform PLUS Pro Reseller

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