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We provide you with an online mailserver.

When you communicate with customers and other associates eMail is delivered to, and arrives from, your domain name.

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Your company looks professional to contacts. It says you are ready for online business and builds your digital capital. 

Accountants say that these activities help to build goodwill.  They treat it like a scourge -another expense.

With Site Analytics built right into your web platform you measure the impact of EMM(Email Marketing Management). You can calculate your return on each email marketing campaign.  That is management control. Targeted and frequent email communications are part of every successful e-business.  

You can even set up a catch-all account.  ALL misaddressed incoming mail for your domain is captured in this catchall account. No bounced transmissions to frustrate customers and other high-value stakeholders.

It also builds and sustains your corporate image. To make image building easier for you, we partnered with Wilogo - the web's leading corporate logo designer. Professional designers bid for your business. You choose from dozens of offers. Keep set-up costs to a minimum, and professionalize your image.

Check the features now. Compare against our competitors - and you get it FREE!

Improving your corporate image by following best-practices.  Helping you build websites that establish your reputation as a responsible business is a major objective of thedotpeople. So we are pleased to direct you to this free source to generate policies for website terms of use, privacy protection, and others.

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