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Market research has confirmed that customers are reassured at sites which protect users' data under an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) regime.

We supply, at no extra charge, our Standard SSL Certificate. This protects the confidential data of your visitors.  Entering personal and sensitive financial data is a point of resistance for all online businesses. Our security certificates and website Seals  are provided by a leading supplier of trust-building resources to Small and SOHO businesses.

Data must be secure against interception during transmission or being stolen after it has been stored on your database. The security layer we supply will provide up to 256-bit encryption. You will display this SSL Certificate prominently on your site, in the browser window, and with an authoritative padlock seal  judiciously positioned on your site.

What exactly is SSL?  It ensures secure submission of data to and from a web site. In technical terms SSL is the commonly used protocol for the exchange of data between web browsers and websites. The server on which the website is hosted is "secure".

The certificate confirms that  information transacted is encrypted by the sender and decrypted by the receiver. Unauthorized persons cannot access sensitive data being transferred digitally and securely. So web forms with confidential elements like credit card details, phone numbers, passwords and the like are inaccessible to any intermediary.

SSL connections build trust with website visitors. SSL certification reassures web users - the LOCK icon appearing in the navigation window - Watch VIDEO here - confirms that information shared at the website is secure. Online shoppers and clients or submitting sensitive data can rely on your website to protect their data.

Deploy industry-standard 128-bit encryption with the free Standard SSL include with your web Marketing Platform.  S
ignal to your cutomers that data entered is protected and transactions are secure. Put your customers at ease.  At the same time 
  • build trust in your product
  • confidence in your operating procedures.

Generate goodwill with your web sensitivity. Meet the buying public's understandable concerns.

You receive two certificates in our web services package. Yes! Two for the price of none?
  • One to use on the business website that you are building through the web services provisioned by thedotpeople.com Inc.
  • The other is automatically provisioned on the pre-built, but optional Reseller Web Business that we offer you.
  • This complimentary web-store also sports up to 256-bit encryption.
  • A distinctive confidence-building padlock seal is displayed automatically on that site.
  • We provision the store the moment you sign up with the dotpeople for web services. - In case you decide to accept the free offer of becoming a reseller too.
Build trust and reinforce it with additional layers of reassurance for your customers.  The nature of your business will dictate the levels your visitorsexpect.

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