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Affiliate Stores

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    Affiliate Brokers

    These networks are brokers of the internet. They bring together intermediaries.  These intermediaries relate as affiliates.

    Merchants & Affiliates

    The Internet supply chain between manufacturers and consumers relies heavily on affiliates to reach consumers.  
    Suppliers or Merchants (aka Advertisers) wish to sell their goods. Digital sales reps want products to offer to web clients. The great Amazon is a retailer which relies on its successful network of affiliates to reach the consumer.  It has evolved into a multi-billion exchange where goods trade in multiple directions.  

    Trade-ins of used products leverage the affiliate relationship by generating commissions on transactions in two directions! - Products traded-in by the customer, and on the upgrade product purchased with the credit the trade-in provides. A Sweet deal for the Amazon affiliate.

    Affiliate Networks

    This is the affiliate nexus woven into the Internet's supply chain, by service providers,(aka Affiliate Networks).
    These brokers form an intermediary market.

    Here the interests of Merchants, Advertisers, and Site Operators, i.e. Publishers, and consumers all meet.

    Successful e-marketers have realized the best margins by selling digitally delivered products. These are online services for mobile and home-based entrepreneurs.  Point and click systems that generate modest but comfortable lifestyles are popular.  

    Marketing Platform

    Our marketing platform equips web business with the capacity and apps to host and run in excess of 26 affiliate stores!  Popular CMS software and hosting capacity included in the dotpeople marketing platform are best-of-breed.

    Use your dotpeople marketing platform to build an initial empire of 25 WordPress affiliate stores each drawing on a merchant network comprising 11,000+ advertisers, and offering 260,000,000 items for sale!

    Marketing Apps

    See our full range of e-commerce options available to our customers for less than 28 cents per day! 

    Popular Affiliate Networks 

    Prominent affiliate service providers any start-up affiliate business should consider are:  
    and for networks dedicated to digital product and services,  retailers would look to

    Affiliate Links

    Merchants, i.e. Advertisers, create distribution channels by recruiting Affiliates, i.e. Publishers.   Publishers, affiliates, convey the merchanys' offers to end-users and consumers. They do so by placing ad creatives at their affiliate site or store.  Both static product links and dynamic data feeds are used and each carries unique code identifying the affiliate making the referral.


    These coded links sit behind the advertisements on the affiliate's retail site. Clicks on the advertisements are tracked by the Service Provider. Commissions due from Advertiser / Merchant to Publisher / Affiliate are calculated when a referral, click-through, is converted to a sale at the Merchant's website.

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