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Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Programs

    Affiliate programs characterize internet distribution channels.

    Diverse supply chains exist to serve global consumers and buyers.  

    Web Businesses from thedotpeople come with all the tools to run Affiliate Stores! 

    As an affiliate you can offer any product to your particular target market. To start exploring the opportunities try these major networks and get started.  If you want instant links, these suppliers do all the linking and tracking. Great at start-up before you build all your links.

    Publish For Internet Retailers

    This form of promotion is the supply network behind the most successful and dominant Internet retailers, such as Amazon, Art.com, GoDaddy, Expedia, etc.

    The simple way is to work through auto-linking service providers.  One intermediary and you have access to 150 million products from all major online publishing networks. Check out the two most popular
    Digital tracking technology makes it simple to track the source of a lead. If the lead converts into a sale at the landing site, it is easy to reward the referring site. Best of all you don't need a technical staffer to string together the diverse and complex elements of affiliate marketing.  

    Using contextually relevant curated content is another means of monetizing your content. Software autmoatically inserts related content  links into your pages and posts. These are monitored for leads generated.  Resulting sales produce a commission to your site as it referred the buyer.  This way you are leveraging your original content with that of others. Its a form of content curation being done for you. And you get paid!   This Platform Leverages Your Content to Feed Targeted Traffic To Sites That Pay

    With the dynamic programming of your own outsourced US-based publishing backroom, your site can be selling millions of products in minutes.


    You run your affiliate store as if it is a digital sales representative. This sales rep- your affiliate store, - directs people to merchant sites.  Each hand-off is uniquely tagged with your coded link.  These affiliate referrals  earn commission on any sales generated.

    Essential to affiliate marketing is the quality links that others build back to your site.  Essentail methods include articles written so others will have a value-added reason to link to your site. by using tools that understand and produce re-written originals of your own articles are of profound impact.

    The best LSI rewriter applies best-of-breed Latent Semantic Indexing technology to equip content writers to generate limitless, unique versions of their original content. See it in action here!

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