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Online Marketing Success

At thedotpeople our focus is on empowering small businesses with the essential infrastructure for their online activities.

We supply a toolbox of
e-marketing resources that determine online success.

This is true for start-up and existing businesses.

Both want to access new markets and expand sales on the Internet.  Our platform ensures they do this.

eMarketing Tools

It includes marketing tools, communications tools and merchandising infrastructure for online business activities.   We supply the services you need to succeed.    We provision a secure e-commerce website as a turn-key operation.

Our clients can also resell our services as natural complements of their own product sales to downstream buyers.

Explain this approach some more...

We offer a unique approach to provisioning of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Our focus is on what you need, - not on what we want to sell. In a fulsome and rich SaaS package we provide a spectrum of web services. Pick and choose which you want to use. One, some, or all of them. Your choice. Services you don't have time or resources to implement now, just set them aside - you've got time to get up to speed on how they can increase your sales turnover. This way you stay focused on building your business. Deploy only tools that YOU want and your website requires.

Our pricing is no burden and you have a year to get used to the platform's comprehensive array of web services. You can afford to focus on doing what you do well at first. Then integrate the other marketing tools into the mix as you grow comfortable with the platform's rich range of services. Experience in infrastructure services has taught us the critical tools a business will require to grow its market organically.

To expand its online presence. In a single package we supply every necessary tool for marketing success. At a fraction of our competitors' prices. We bundle these as a full spectrum service and supply them for one price, for one year at a time. A single price that cannot be matched. - Even by competitors who isolate and offer just one of the services we provision in this web marketing toolbox.

Our SaaS offering includes all the essential Internet marketing services as a "complete online package". It radically cuts operating costs. - It lowers costs for programming, process intervention, systems maintenance and platform integration. Freed up resources are invested in live customer support.

  • Give us the chance to demonstrate why our solution is the industry standard.   
  • You and your customers live help on a 24/7/365 basis from North American operations centers. 
  • Two major product lines using a common platform.  

Internet Marketing Services  

For businesses looking to expand existing markets offering their own products.  This represents 99% of our customer base.  Most of these customers use one BASIC package to operate multiple commercial sites. Our BASIC package equips you with up to 26 websites each with its own database.

White Label  Web Marketing SaaS

A highly targeted product line for resellers.  For those entering the same market we service.  We provide you with the infrastructure that underlies our own business.  We share the customer base with you. To do this effectively, we equip you with exactly the same marketing services and live support infrastructure we use in our business.

Customers get
  • significant economies of scale and reduced pricing
  • savings passed on as hyper-competitive pricing
  • prices so the costs of starting a web businesses are minimal.

We point this out on our Welcome page to online entrepreneurs. We draw every customer's attention to this purely optional revenue opportunity.  Don't just use our services! Consider reselling them as a complement to your own product lines. Make it part of your growth model too!

Depend on our high-reliability infrastructure to execute multiple types of marketing campaigns online. Right from your desktop or mobile device. 

At a super-competitive price! - At one-tenth of the price of any competitor for the same mix of services.It sounds too good to be true - so we encourage you to compare our services against acknowledged low-cost competitors.

You will find that purchased 
individually these services would cost at least ten times as much!

Interested in purchasing the eMarketing Platform...

TO PROMOTE JUST YOUR OWN BUSINESS - be sure to select BASIC on Checkout. A Basic storefront is provisioned to introduce you to the reseller option

TO BE A PROFESSIONAL RESELLER of thedotpeople.com Inc., AND PROMOTE YOUR OWN BUSINESS, please select - PRO RESELLER (Note: Selected by default at our secure sales page)

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